You don't have to be fit to get started with us!

Imperial Bodies is Daventry's only premier gym that offers you a supportive place to train, gain confidence and have access to advice you need so you can start getting the changes you want. 
We pride ourselves on offering you a place where you can take control of your life and help you make the right choices to achieve your goals. From Classes to the Gym, we make fitness possible to fit in with your life.
We are the only gym in Daventry that provides a place for it's members to train 24 hours a day.


This Daventry gym offers everything to help improve your general fitness and fat loss goals. We are also the perfect gym for the Crossfit athlete, Weightlifter and Powerlifter. If you have more specific goals we make it our job to be able to offer you what you need without a treadmill!

We provide a free 30 minute induction if wanted to show you how to use the machines and equipment we have to ensure your safety and maximise your results.

We offer gym only membership for £30 month and Couples for £52 month

Class Membership from £40 month

Small PT/Group Training or One to One from £2.80 - £8.00 a day.

What you choose will depend on your own goals and how motivated you are to achieve the changes you want and the accountability that you need to make it happen.

Come along and have a look around during our staffed hours, have a chat with us, pay for a workout to see if it will suit you, send us a message or give us a call with your questions.

Staffed Hours from 2nd January 2020

Monday - Friday  5pm - 7pm

 Gym Rules