A REAL Gym with some of the BEST Personal Trainers in Daventry

Our aim from the first time you step through our doors is to make you feel confident, to be able to ask our staff questions, about anything! We want to help you achieve your goals and make sure they are realistic and sensible for you.

Imperial Bodies was created from a passion to help others and teach them how to perform movements correctly to achieve the results they desire, our Head Coach decided to quit her job and study to qualify as a Personal Trainer and invest in herself everyday to help others who were wanting to improve their bodies and make changes for good. 

Our ultimate aim is to provide a wide range of services to inspire men and women alike to invest in themselves, to educate and empower them to achieve their goals.

Driven by a passion to offer a gym where anyone could train with zero judgement, be given the support needed for success and encouragement to do more than they believe possible. 

Our Coaches want people to move more, move well, suffer less pain and become more confident and inspired about yourself. Gyms can be very intimidating places for most people, especially those who have never really trained consistently or at all. 

We want our gym to be a hub for all people especially the younger generation, we want them to grow into adults who love taking care of their bodies and try new things. To play as was intended

We are committed to you reaching your goals and achieving the results you want! Our time is yours and we intend to give you the best value for your money!

With knowledge and intent your goals are limitless


"Having no self confidence and barely ever exercising, I have found Deena to be the support I needed to get back into it. With one to one PT sessions, I am being tested and pushed but in the areas I need to be.
Great atmosphere, great equipment and great staff. Cannot recommend this gym enough to people."

"Always accomodating love it for my crossfit and for the amazing people that work there."


"So I’ve had my first two sessions this week at Imperial Bodies, I’ve absolutely loved it both times and I’m just slightly annoyed at myself for not getting down there sooner.

Every time I’ve been in I’ve been given some additional info on how to rebuild a weak shoulder by both Deena & Tom which for me personally adds real extra value to my training sessions.

The classes I’ve done in the mornings have been ace just pushed you enough so you know you’ve worked your backside off but knowing I can still make it to work.

The actually training facilities are really cool, you’ve got equipment to cater for all types of training, ages & abilities so you can push to whatever your goals are.

I think the place is a credit to the town and I’ll definitely be using it on a regular basis!

Cheers to the team down there!"


"I have pretty much been to the majority of the gyms in Daventry and this one although not the biggest it is certainly the best I have been to. If anyone is thinking they want to get in shape but are probably put off due to maybe being a bit insecure or maybe feel a bit intimidated then this is defiantly the place for you. They will defiantly push you to go the extra mile even if this means you can’t walk the next day. The atmosphere down there is next level and the members I have met down there are awesome."


"I went to imperial bodies to get some help with a shoulder injury I gained so much information not only on what the problem was but how I can get over it the people there were very nice easy to talk to and very understanding and they have a good gym set up there with plenty of different equipment I'd recommend them to anyone not only for physio therapy but just as a gym in general."