Welcome to Imperial Bodies Gym

Imperial Bodies is Daventry's first 24 hour gym! 

We are passionate about helping you have a safe and welcoming space to train the way you want, when you want.

This Daventry gym was created to help you enjoy your training sessions and give you something to look forward during your day.
We understand how intimidating it can be to walk inside a gym which is why our main focus has always been to provide somewhere you feel welcomed in and allow you to train without judgement, exercise safely, improve your mood, increase your strength and mobility and ensure you always leave feeling better.

If you would like to take a look around please contact us to book your appointment.

Take a look around this site and if you like what you see head over to our sign up page and you could be a member today.

We have everything you need to LOSE upto 4kg and shred that waistline in just 30 days!

The real challenge is US getting YOU to love it so much you stay for more!

30 Days dedicated to transforming not just how you eat but WHY you eat.

30 Days dedicated to you moving that body more...it doesn't need to be a workout..but we do include access to our group sessions for that extra motivation and super results!

30 Days with Coach Dee guiding you along the way to improving your life for the better and on hand to answer any questions you have.

If you invest in yourself then anything could be possible.

Start today!



There are no gyms like this is Daventry.

We provide a selection of quality gym equipment to support a wide variety of training styles.

Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Strongman, CrossFit, Group Training...there is nothing you can't do here!

We have a selection of pin and plate Life Fitness machines, Leg press, 20kg and 15kg barbells, Full set of Atlas Stones 20kg-140kg with Stone Platform, Yoke, Log, Farmers Handles, Prowler, Tyres, Kettlebells, Rowers, SkiErg, Bikes, Climbing Ropes....and best of all lots of open space so you can train without worry.

Have some questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us directly


Gym Membership just £30 for 24 hour access!!
Head over to our membership site and sign up today.