Class Timetable

We have a selection of classes that will help you enjoy fitness and get the best from every workout.

If you are a beginner our class starter membership is perfect for you and you will learn to move safely and understand how to get the best from every single exercise you do.

BASE is our introductory group PT to ensure you understand the reasons for arriving to classes on time, why you need to be aware of, and do, mobility movements, how to activate the muscle groups ready for your group classes and most importantly the technique for every exercise to help keep you safe and how to modify those exercises to get the best out of every workout you do with us.

Our XFitness Class membership is ideal for those who are keen on progressing their fitness and strength even more and maybe even compete in functional fitness or CrossFit competitions. To sign up for our XFitness membership you need to be invited by our Head Coach Dee or complete the BASE sessions.

Class Starter £35 Month

BASE £55 for 4 sessions 

XFitness £50 Month

If you need more information please message us or pop in and speak to our staff.